Arthroscopic Surgery of the Knee

Arthroscopic Keyhole Surgery of the Knee – Description

Knee arthroscopy is a key hole operation that allows your surgeon to look inside your knee using a camera inserted through small cuts (5mm) in the skin.

Your surgeon can diagnose and treat problems such as a torn cartilage, ligament damage, and arthritis.

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What does the knee arthroscopy involve?

What does the knee arthroscopy involve?

A variety of anaesthetic techniques are possible, however it is done almost always under a general anaesthetic.

The knee arthroscopy operation usually takes between half an hour and three - quarters of an hour. Your surgeon will examine the inside of your knee, he will wash out any loose material caused by wear of the joint surfaces, it is usually possible for your surgeon to trim or repair a torn cartilage.

In case of knee arthritis, rough surfaces can be smoothed off and derided by coblation technology which enables surgeons to precisely dissect and ablate soft tissue while preserving the integrity of surrounding healthy tissue.

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How long will I stay in hospital?

How long will I stay in hospital?

Knee arthroscopy is almost always done as a day case, so you can go home later the same day.

How soon will I recover and return to work?

Generally most patients can go back to work within 1 - 2 weeks after the operation. It can be longer if you have a heavy manual work.

When can I go back to sport?

It depends on your fitness, generally most patients can return to sports 4 - 6 weeks after arthroscopic minisectomy (cartilage resection).

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What are the risks?

What are the risks?

Every surgery carries some risks, but unexpected problems are very rare with this procedure.

Complications include infection, bleeding, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pain. DVT treatment usually involves taking anticoagulants for 3 - 6 months.

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